Real Women Get Real About Breast Cancer Awareness

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a month that represents the courage, 尊重, and perseverance of all those affected by the disease acquire, no matter if it is themselves or a loved one that has it.

This month LAmade contributed to the fight against Breast Cancer by partnering with LA county’s Susan G. Komen Foundation. We are donating 15 % of our October profits to their very important mission of ending the disease. If you want to show your support for this campaign, you can buy your pink power items on our site!

We felt the best way to bring awareness was by asking 3 women influencers that participated in the campaign, questions about how they deal with the fight against Breast Cancer.

For the first two women, we asked them these questions:
问题1: Why did you want to be a part of this campaign?
问题2: What do you do to educate yourself about the prevention of breast cancer?
问题3: What’s a positive fact/statistic you found about Breast Cancer research?

妮可 @coco.罗兰:

回答1: I am joining this campaign because I feel everyone can relate to knowing someone or have personally gone through cancer. There’s never enough awareness to be spread.
答案2: To educate myself the best way is by staying healthy, preventing anything that could cause it and being aware of checking my body
答案3: A positive thing now is having research to see if you potentially carry the gene for cancer and being able to take precautions towards it.


珍娜 @styledjen:

回答1: My mom and grandmother both had breast cancer.
答案2: I see a breast specialist… I am actually getting an MRI next week
答案3: There is a high success rate of being cured with early detection.


For our next woman, she is actually a breast cancer survivor and we are so grateful she shares with us what this month means to her. 

赛琳娜 @the_vintage_bombshell:

"My name is 赛琳娜 and I am a 2x breast cancer survivor. Prior to my diagnosis, I did not fully grasp what Breast Cancer Awareness month truly meant. It's more than wearing pink........... it's honoring those who are survivors, and those who are in the midst of the most scary battle of their lives. This month is to not only recognize these brave women and bring awareness to this disease, but to be aware of your own body. Listen to yourself. When something doesn't feel quite right, go and see your doctor to get checked.
If you know someone who is going through or has been through this battle, please know that this month can be a very emotional time for them. Show them how much you love and support them by being a proactive friend."